Glentora – Howth

The old house was completely demolished and the new one was built from scratch by Izota Construction in collaboration with Brennan/Furlong Architects and will be the next "Open house"


Construction, Management


Brennan & Furlong

Completed Date

20 - 02 - 2023


Howth, Ireland

Glentora is a beautiful home located in Howth, a project that was undertaken by Izota Construction and built from scratch by our expert team. We collaborated with Brennan/ Furlong Architects to create the perfect home for modern living. The old house was demolished entirely, making way for the new construction to take place on the site.

Glentora was, without a doubt, a challenging project, but we made sure that every detail was taken care of, resulting in a stunning home that will be the next “Open house.” Finished on 20-02-2023, the Glentora project demonstrates our expertise and commitment to our craft.

15 +
Designers & Architects
500000 +
3 Months
Project duration

Project goals

At Izota Construction, we aim to create spaces that are not only beautiful but also functional and in accordance with the desires of the client. Our goal for this massive undertaking was to create a modern home that would suit our client’s lifestyle.

We were able to achieve the project goals by:

  • Having a thorough understanding of what the client’s vision and needs for their dream home are
  • By having a collaborative approach with clients as well as our partners to ensure the vision is brought to life.
  • By focusing on finding cost-effective ways to demolish the old house and rebuild the new one
  • Paying attention to detail and providing the highest level of craftsmanship in the finishing touches.

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Final outcome of this project

After a cost-effective and time-efficient knockdown, the Glentora house was designed and constructed to meet the lifestyle, comfort, and energy efficiency needs of modern living. These are the final outcome of this project.
  • The house was designed to match the desired lifestyle of the owners perfectly
  • The project delivered the best solution and met the needs of the owners
  • Despite the challenges of the project – including complete demolition & rebuild, the project was completed cost-effectively and in a short duration
  • The finishing of the house was of the highest quality
The project was completed on time on 20-02-2023, and we proudly consider it among the best works we have ever done.

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